That is why Kenko

That is why KENKO Home Healthcare

KENKO - Homecare is the first choice for people who need help with their personal care to lead independent lives. Many people use a homecare service as an alternative to moving into a care home.

Starting to think about your care needs can be daunting. This page aims to answer some of your questions about homecare and help you with where to find more information.

Homecare, also known as domiciliary care, is a term for support provided in the home by careworkers to assist someone with their daily life.

We’ve had the privilege of providing in-home care to thousands of clients nationwide. Each of those clients has had their own set of unique needs, and we’ve worked with each one to develop and deliver a personalized care plan based on their health goals. Because KENKO offers a wide variety of services, we are able to easily modify your care plan and services should your needs change.

we want our clients and their families to feel cared for and supported. We want them to be able to rely on us and live their lives to the fullest, with a sense of well-being, dignity, and trust.