Our Services

Our Services

  • Implementing clinical care plans
  • Attending to disabilities, chronic illness, and/or therapies
  • Coordinating home medical equipment, surgical and pharmacy supplies
  • Assisting with mobility and transfers
  • Performing personal care
  • Assisting with daily activities
  • Specialized baby care
  • Surgical instruments and equipment (on rent/sale)
  • School wellness program

24 x 7 Specialized Nursing Service

  • Wound care and Dressing
  • Intravenous (IV) infusion therapy, intra Muscular (IM) and Sub Cutaneous (SC) injections
  • Catheter (urinary) insertion and care
  • Trecheostomy care, tube insertion in food pipe (Ryle's Tube Insertion)
  • Skilled nursing in Chronic Illnesses like: • Diabetic Care • Nephro Care • Neuro Care • Post transplant Care • Parkinson's Disease • Mental Illnesses.
  • Post Discharge Care • Cancer Care • Geriatric Care • Paediatric Care • Maternity Care
  • Bathing, grooming and toiletry services • Mobilization and ambulation with walker and wheel chair
  • Nutrition assistance with eating

Rehabilitation Services

  • Physiotherapy (Occupational Therapy & Rehabilitation Centre)
  • Nutritional assessment (with qualified Dietician)
  • Yoga at Home (qualified yoga trainer)

Other Services

  • Medical Equipment Rental & Sale
  • Digital X-Ray at home
  • ECG at home
  • ICU on wheels (Home care patient transfer)

Industrial(corporate) Healthcare

  • OHC/PHC Management (On site)
  • Annual employee health checkup (On site)
  • Health awareness programme
  • On site ambulance management
  • Health management during any sports event